Throughout the years, as country music continues to evolve, it is important to remember the pioneers in the industry. Those dedicated individuals and groups put their hearts and souls into making their special brand of music come alive in the Ottawa Valley.

The Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame was founded in 1980, incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1987 and became a registered charity in 1988.

This website is dedicated to all of the exceptional people who have been inducted into the Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame for their contributions to making country music in the Valley what it is today.

Please enjoy your tour of the site and take the time to visit each inductee’s page and perhaps take a trip down memory lane.

*** UPDATE ***

The Board of Directors of the Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame has found it necessary, once again, to postpone the 2021 show and induction ceremonies. The uncertainty of restrictions imposed due to the Covid pandemic would not allow the time needed to prepare the quality of production we constantly strive for. Additionally, the show would not be financially viable without access to the audience numbers we have experienced in the past.

We want to thank the fans of country music for their unwavering support. We also want to express our deep gratitude to our loyal sponsors who have provided their support over the years.

Rest assured the Board of Directors continues to work for the future of the Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame.

Nominating Committee Revision

At its November 2020 Board meeting, the Board of Directors approved revisions to the "Policy and Procedures for the Nominating Committee" document. This Committee will now be known as the Induction Committee. The Induction Committee will continue to decide who will be inducted into the Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame at its annual awards ceremony.

The Policy and Procedures document clearly defines the composition of the Committee, the roles and responsibilities of the Committee members and the process that is followed to choose our Inductees in a fair and transparent manner.

Visit our Suggest an Inductee page to view the new document.

The Board of Directors of the Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame is deeply saddened by the passing of music and creative icon Mike O’Reilly. Mike is the recipient of many bluegrass awards and was inducted into the Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame in 1996.

His musical and songwriting talent will be greatly missed as will his sense of humour and sense of comedy.

You can read more about Mike at our Micheal O'Reilly bio page.

To view his posted obituary, click here.

Posted: June 7, 2021


The famed Ottawa-based group "The Happy Wanderers", provided Ottawa Valley fans with daily noon-hour performances on radio station CFRA during the late 1960’s-early 70’s. The group featured the talents of (Front Row L/R) Vince Lebeau, Bob King, Ken Davidson; (Back Row L/R) Ward Allen (of "Maple Sugar" fiddle tune fame), "Papa" Joe Brown (later of Family Brown) and Ken Reynolds. Sadly, all members of the group except Vince Lebeau have passed on.

(Photo courtesy of Larry Delaney Photo Archives)

Each month we celebrate our country music past with a picture from the photo archives of Larry Delaney. Visit our Looking Back page to see more wonderful memories.

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