One of mandates of the Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame is to establish a permanent Museum for the storage, preservation, and public display of musical instruments and other artifacts and memorabilia pertaining to the composition, performance, recording, and transmission of country music in the Ottawa Valley and elsewhere in Canada.

The Hall of Fame has been blessed to be the recipients of many Ottawa Valley Musical artifacts and collectables. We have displayed many of these items at various shows across the Valley such as the Ottawa Exhibition, but with the advent of Internet and through our website, we'd like to share some of these with everyone..

Click on the link of the memorabilia that you would like to see. We have also linked these pictures to the members pages that they refer to.

Billie O'Boie

The "Shovel-tone" guitar and one of the suits from the late Billie O'Boie. Donated by Claudette Lefebvre.

Bob King

One of the many suits Bob used to wear on stage. Donated by his wife Marie King.

The Brisson Brothers

A black satin shirt with red fringe and embroidered name donated by the Brisson Brothers.

The Family Brown

Two suits of the many outfits worn by the Family Brown.

Gary Spicer (Family Brown)

Gary’s fiddle and bow, his Sho-Bud steel guitar, his dobro and one of the suits he used when he was part of the Julie Lynn Show.

Dave Dennison
(Family Brown)

Dave's 1960s Fender Telecaster loaned out by his wife Debbie.

Hugh Scott

One of the many suits that Hugh wore while on stage.

Orval Prophet

A collection of awards presented to Orval donated by the Prophet family.

Ronnie Prophet

One of the many stage outfits that Ronnie has used over the years.

Ralph Carlson

Ralph’s Martin guitar and one of the many suits used by Ralph’s band; "The Country Mile". Donated by Elayne Carlson.

Ron McMunn

One of the many stage outfits that was worn by members of Ron’s group when they were on the road.

Sneezy Waters

One of the many suits that Sneezy wore in the movie "Hank Williams: The Show He Never Gave". Donated by Sneezy.

The Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame would like to say thank you to these individuals and/or their families for their valued donations. These treasures will always be remembered and respected as part of the Country Music culture of the Ottawa Valley.

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