BILL SWAFFIELD (1998 Inductee)

Beginning his career in radio broadcasting at CKWS Kingston, Bill Swaffield became a legend in the broadcast industry. In 1954, he moved to the new medium of television, where he rapidly rose through the positions of master control operator/co-coordinator, telecini operator, audio operator and cameraman.

His first opportunity as a director came in 1955 when he filled in as a summer replacement for the regular director. Turning down a surprise offer to transfer to Scottish Television proved to be an excellent career move, as Bill was soon afforded the opportunity to become director at the Ottawa station.

In 1960, accepting a directing job offered by Ernie Bushnell at a new television station, CJOH, Bill moved his family to Ottawa, and directed the very first program aired on the new station. From the small studio on Bayswater Avenue, Shorgas Barn Dance brought a new ear of television to Ottawa. This was Bill’s introduction to musical shows, and they soon became his passion. For the next thirty years, Bill continued his personal growth and dedication to perfection in the television milieu.

Bill’s first personal experience with directing a musical show was "Barn Dance". Bill loved to be at the center of musical programming, and his many projects included Cross Canada Barn Dance and the Family Brown Country shows. Bill is remembered for his charm and wit as well as his ability to help all who came under his direction to relax, allowing the production of first class material. Unfortunately, the end of an era in the television industry came in 1995 when Bill passed away in July of that year.

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