BOB SALLY (1985 Inductee)

Bob Sally was born on July 19, 1942 in Beechgrove, Quebec, where he learned to play the guitar in elementary school and, by the time he reached high school, was proficient on most stringed instruments. He played in a succession of bands throughout his high school years and following graduation. When he entered the business world and later married, he gave up the business side of music to concentrate on a career and family.

He never totally abandoned his love of music and, in 1975, returned to entertaining while still retaining his full-time day job. He initially joined Bert Acres and the Homesteaders and, two years later, with Wilf Arsenault and Joe and Benny Teevens, formed "Goodtyme Country". The group, as its name implies, was mainly interested in having a good time but they soon found themselves one of the most sought-after bands on the fair and jamboree circuit in the Ottawa Valley, where they had the opportunity to back major talents such as Ralph Carlson, Ron McMunn and Neville Wells. Throughout the late 70’s and 80’s, Goodtyme Country, with Bob as a featured member, played every corner of the Valley as well as in northern New York State.

Bob, who was always a promoter of his chosen music and the pioneers of the area, is credited as being the founder of the Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame. During a meeting with some of the area’s country leaders, including Hal Lee, Ted Daigle, and Ron Sparling, it was suggested that a Hall of Fame would be a viable institution to recognize the contribution of area artists and promote country music throughout the Ottawa Valley. Bob did the groundwork, organized the necessary meetings, arranged fundraisers, promoted the idea and was the driving force behind the formation of the organization. For almost ten years, Bob served the organization he founded in various executive positions, including President.

In connection with his involvement in the Hall of Fame, Bob organized the highly successful Orval Prophet testimonial dinner, which drew over 1,100 people, including Tommy Hunter, Ronnie Prophet and the Family Brown, and received international attention from the country music community. Bob was also a member of the Host Committee when Country Music Week was held in Ottawa in 1981.

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