In 1955, the four Brisson brothers, Regent on drums and vocals, Hubert on lead vocals and guitar, Fernande on steel guitar and vocals, and Denis on fiddle, electric guitar and vocals, formed a band that was to become one of the most popular Country and Western groups in French Eastern Ontario. The brothers were joined by Regent’s wife, Fernande, on vocals and, later in the 50’s, by Paul Bourgie on bass and Guillaume (Bill) Godard on fiddle. When Regent left the group, Charlie Hewart and, later, J.G. Auprix took over on drums.

From Ottawa to Cornwall to Lachute, Quebec, The Brisson Brothers played in dance halls, nightclubs and at wedding receptions. In the early 1960’s, the group played weekly on CFML Radio in Cornwall and CJET Radio in Smiths Falls. They went on to star on their own TV series, "The Town & Country Show" on CJSS-TV in Cornwall, and their songs and music have been recorded on various labels, such as London, Carnival and Snocan.

The group, as a unit, disbanded in 1986, and three of the original members have passed away - Fernande in 1975, Hubert in 1990, and Regent in 1997.

The remaining two brothers, Denis and Fernand, are still active in music and continue to release CDs and cassette tapes. Denis participates in old-time fiddling competitions and has won many awards, and the two brothers regularly play for residents of retirement homes, for charity concerts and at folk music festivals, mostly in the Prescott-Russell County area.

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