CJET Radio (2012 Inductee)

On October 22, 1955, CJET 630 AM went on the air, broadcasting from Smiths’ Falls. The license for the station had been applied for by Jack Pollie, who became President and General Manager of the company - Rideau Broadcasting Limited. Initially on the air during daytime hours only, at 250 watts, the station increased its power in 1965 to 10,000 watts full-time and began broadcasting from new studios at the tower site just outside of town. In November 2000, after a transmitter fire, CJET 630 AM left the air forever.

The station was truly a country music booster. During its years of operation, it impacted the lives and careers of an amazing number of future Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame members: Hal Botham was a DJ, News Editor, Sales Manager and Station Manager, and Ray Callahan, Kitty Bast and Doug Anderson were DJ’s who also appeared at live events all over the Ottawa Valley to MC shows and promote country music.

Listeners looked forward to the regular Saturday afternoon live radio shows featuring their favourite entertainers: Mac Beattie, The Brisson Brothers, Lloyd Grant, Howard Hayes, Ralph Carlson, Ron McMunn, Michael O’Reilly, Don O’Neill, Eddie Pigeon and Garnie Scheel, and this outlet provided the entertainers with the opportunity to promote their playing dates and locations.

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