BLAIS "CURLY" KENNY (2007 Inductee)

Curly Kenny was born in 1929 in Wrightville, Quebec and moved to Ottawa in 1931. Two of the first musicians he played with, in a band called "The Valley Pals", were Art Simpson and Gerry Lobbe, both of whom were inducted into the Hall of Fame some years ago.

In 1960, Curly was a member of Hank Rivers’s band, "The Ranch Hands", and he joined Joe Brown and The Happy Wanderers circa 1966. Through the years, many bands formed and re-formed and, at one time or another, Curly played with Terry Carisse in "The Fairlanes", with Ron Sparling, with Bob Desmond, and with Bernie Early and "The Early Birds". Curly performed on many different road shows, opening for touring bands from the states, and he appeared on live broadcasts over CFRA and CJOH. During his career, Curly recorded a number of singles and one solo album, "Curly Kenny Sings", in 1966. Sadly, Curly passed away in 1999 at the age of 70.

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