EDIE THOMAS (1995 Inductee)

"The Singing Grandmother"

When ever Edie Thomas - The Singing Grandmother’s name is mentioned to musicians in the Valley, there is an immediate expression of fondness. For years, she has been a fixture at clubs and events all over the Ottawa Valley.

Edie is passionate about country music; she’s got a powerful voice and a huge heart, and she’s just loved to pieces. Edie represents the tradition of country.

She began singing at home in the parlor to family and friends, and made her first public appearances in the early 1960’s with Mac Beattie and The Ottawa Valley Melodiers and with Ron McMunn. Since then, she’s charmed all her fans with her yodeling, her presence and her joy and is a welcome guest anywhere country music is played and enjoyed.

Edie released an album in 1970 which has been so popular over the years that it has been re-released on a cassette tape and is still selling out at all of the fairs, clubs and jamborees where she continues to appear - at over 70 years of age!

Sadly, Edie passed away on January 22, 2014.

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