IRWIN PRESCOTT (1984 Inductee)

Irwin Prescott was born in to a railway family in North Bay, Ontario. Unlike many young musicians, his parents did not encourage a career in music. He was expected to go to work for the railroad like the rest of the men in the family. It was Irwin’s grandmother who provided the inspiration and guidance in the early years. He learned the harmonica and many of the traditional folk songs on his grandmother’s knee.

Irwin and two friends formed a trio and cut short his months-old railroad career to work for a year on a daily radio show. This was followed by a seven-year weekly television Show on North Bay’s new television station. During these years, he honed his skills in the country venues of the area. He was in constant demand to open for Nashville acts that visited the North. Over the years, the Prescott home and family hosted these touring greats. So prominent was Irwin Prescott in the Community that his "going away" party was hosted by the Mayor of North Bay and attended by a large gathering of fans and friends.

Moving to Ottawa, Irwin gave up his dreams of a Nashville career and concentrated on making the Golden Rail room of the Lafontaine Hotel the cornerstone of Ottawa’s country scene. Here, Irwin’s tri backed many local entertainers and introduced his sons Ronald and Randall to the business.

Irwin Prescott was always a family man. While at home, he doted on his daughters Wendy and Tara and his two boys. He encouraged his boys in their time in the Prescott Brothers Band. Randall Prescott joined the Family Brown group and subsequently married Tracey Brown. Irwin had hosted Tracey and many other young entertainers with his family on albums such as "Irwin Prescott and Friends" and "Irwin Prescott Sings". A prominent career as a writer, performer and promoter was cut tragically short when Irwin Prescott died at the age of 45.

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