MARIE KING (1993 Inductee)

Marie Farley was born January 23, 1936 in Navan, Ontario. In her early teens she began playing guitar and listening to country music on local radio stations, and by her late teens was performing at various venues in the Ottawa Valley and Western Quebec. During one of those show dates at the Chamberland Hotel in Aylmer, Quebec, she met her country music singing idol Bob King, whom she frequently heard on radio with his performances as a member of The Happy Wanderers. The couple soon became a team, both on stage and in life with their marriage on December 23, 1957.

Marie King quickly became a prominent part of The Bob King Show, performing songs both in English and French. They recorded duet material, often with Marie singing French lyrics to Bob King favourites including his signature song "Laurel Lee". The couple toured extensively in Ontario and in Quebec, where Marie King quickly became a high-profile French language country recording star, releasing dozens of hit albums on the Quebec market for such labels as Trans-World, Caprice, Paysanne, Souvenir and Bonanza. Several of Marie King’s Christmas music albums as well as her "Golden Hits" and "Quand Le Soleil Dit Bonjours Aux Montagnes" albums were all certified Gold-Selling albums. Marie King was also a gifted songwriter, with two of her more popular hits, "Ma Petite Carole" and "Allon Mon Petit Bobby", both inspired by her children. Meanwhile, husband Bob King was enjoying similar success with songs like "My Petite Marie" and "French Canadian Girl", both inspired by his wife, Marie King.

During her many years of working the Quebec country scene, much of it under the management and direction of husband Bob King, Marie King performed alongside such stars as Paul Brunelle, Marcel Martel and Willie Lamothe, appearing frequently on Quebec country TV shows including Lamothe’s popular La Ranch a Willie.

In 2009, Marie King celebrated 50 years as a professional country singing star. Her classic country music continues to be heard in French language markets, and she remains an influence for many.

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