PETER CLEMENTS (2006 Inductee)

Peter was born in Kingston, Ontario, into a second-generation military family. His musical interests came early, at family sing-alongs with his father on the piano, and he was active in school and Cub choirs. As a teenager - and an aspiring "Chet Atkins" - he played the electric guitar and the ukulele, acquiring his first guitar, a Gibson Hummingbird, in 1963. His attraction to the drums developed while in high school, and he played percussion in the Nepean High School band and was a member of the 30th Field Artillery Trumpet Band on percussion.

In 1965, he purchased his first Ludwig drum kit. He began playing in country music bands in 1967, entertaining at country fairs and dances, where he became known for his timing and the great sound of his drums. Over the years, Peter has been a member of numerous bands in the Ottawa area, including Ed & Gretchen, the original Country Mile with Ralph Carlson, Danny Ryan and Driftwood, Neville Wells, Don Cochrane, Marie Bottrell, Rae Palmer, Fred Dixon, Doug and Shirley Sinclair, Pete Danis, Dan Paul Rogers and Lisa Cameron. Peter is also a songwriter whose compositions have been recorded by Audie Henry, Neville Wells and Don Cochrane. One of Peter’s other interests is photography and, for a time, he was the photographer for Country Music News. He also has had a home electronic studio.

Peter now considers himself retired from the music profession, and he spends his time enjoying life at home in North Gower with his wife, Linda, and son, Scott.

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