PETER DAWSON (1999 Inductee)

A native of the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Peter Dawson followed in the footsteps of his father and grandfather and began to play the fiddle at the age of 5. He formed his own band in the late 40’s and played for dances through out southern B.C., broadcasting regular radio shows on CKOV Kelowna, CJIB Vernon and CKOK Penticton.

As a teenager, Peter hit the road with "The Canadian Sweethearts", Lucille Starr and Bob Regan, and played fiddle on Lucille's original recording of "The French Song". He played the Canadian club circuit in the mid-50’s, guested on "Country Hoedown" and other TV shows, and then joined "The Skeeter Bonn Show" on WWVA in Wheeling, West Virginia, subsequently becoming WWVA’s staff fiddler. During this time, Peter also worked with US star Hal Lone Pine, and did guest appearances on the Grand Ole Opry.

Peter returned to Canada in 1960 and, in 1978 won the prestigious North American Fiddle Championship in Ottawa, Ontario. He has just released his twelfth recording, entitled "Owl In The Henhouse". At one time, Peter owned and operated "The Fiddle Factory" in Ottawa, Ontario, where he built and restored violins and other stringed instruments. He has since retired from his business, however, the store on Bronson ave in Ottawa still bears his name.

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