PETER JAMES LAJOIE (1999 Inductee)

They call him Peter James Lajoie, Peter James, or sometimes Reuben James (some of Pete’s stage nicknames through the years), but whichever name you choose, that name instantly brings to mind fine lead guitar work in both live band situations and studio sessions.

A veteran of over thirty years in the business, Pete has provided the guitar sound behind some of Canada's best, including Clint Curtiss, Irwin Prescott, Myrna Lorrie, Ron McMunn, Howard Hayes and Wilf Carter. He has recorded extensively with Ron McMunn, playing on Ron’s "California Turnaround" and "Streetlights, Bars & Sidewalks", "Live From Mississippi Country", and "My Old Truck". Pete toured coast to coast with the legendary Wilf Carter and on one of his last tours with Howard Hayes & The Country Drifters.

Pete continued to be in demand for stage shows and recordings, and owned and operated his own recording studio, "Ghost Tracks", near Perth, Ontario until his untimely passing on March 29, 2019.

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