RON SPARLING (1989 Inductee)

A professional musician since 1957, Ron Sparling was a founding member of the international super-group Family Brown in 1968, although he soon involved himself more extensively with the business side of the industry, managing and booking the act.

He is a well-known personality in the entertainment industry. He has been inducted twice into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Honour, first in 1990 as a Builder and again in 1997 in the Artist category as a member of the Family Brown.

Ron Sparling has played a major role as a television producer and helped to bring country music to a wider audience. Through his foresight and energy, he spearheaded the establishment of Canada’s first Country Music Week in 1977, an event which continues to this day. He was the first Chairman of Country Music Week in Canada, and has chaired the event four times. He has also been honoured as Booking Agent of the Year six times, Manager of the Year three times as well as Industry Person of the Year.

Although, Ron is well known in the country music industry, we wish to point out that both Ron and the agency are knowledgeable, and work in all aspects of the entertainment industry. He has gone on to become one of Canada’s most successful and respected agents and managers with his conscientious work on behalf of country music indebting him with gratitude from his colleagues, peers and the artists he has represented. Ron currently works as a booking agent for the Ottawa-based Laurie-Ann Entertainment Agency. LA Entertainment, which has been in business since 1972 is owned and operated by Ron and Laurie Sparling.

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