TED GEROW (2000 Inductee)

Ted Gerow was born in 1943 and, as a youngster, showed a keen interest in the piano. As his grandfather was an old-time fiddler of note, his grandmother taught him a few basic chords, enabling Ted to accompany his granddad’s fiddle tunes. The rest, as they say, is history.

Upon graduation from high school in Montreal, Ted moved to Ottawa in 1964 and began to play locally with Ottawa artists, The Rowan Brothers and The Esquires. In 1967, after doing some arranging for The Staccatos, under the leadership of singer/songwriter, Les Emmerson, Ted was invited to join the band. In 1968, they became the Five-Man Electrical Band and moved to Los Angeles in 1969, signing with MGM Records in 1970. The band’s song, "Signs", written by Emmerson and on which Ted handled the keyboard chores, became a major hit in 1971, rising to Number 2 on the Billboard charts. During these years, Ted learned the art of production in the best studios in L.A.

The Five-Man Electrical Band broke up in 1973, and Ted returned to Ottawa the next year, to a job as staff producer at Marc Productions, where he began to produce some country sessions. In 1980, he accepted a position in Carroll Baker’s famed Baker Street Band, was in charge of arranging Carroll’s material, and appeared with her all over the country. In 1984, CKBY’s Ted Daigle offered Ted the position of producer of a radio show hosted by Wayne Rostad called, "Christmas in the Valley" and featuring the Valley’s best known country starts. The response to the show was so great that 1985 brought the first of seven consecutive annual Valley Country albums with Ted producing such names as Terry Carisse, The Mercey Brothers, Colleen Peterson, Ronnie Prophet and Ray Griff.

Ted continues to be a sought-after producer and keyboardist for recording sessions and television productions in the Ottawa Valley and all across Canada, working his magic to make both the established stars and the first-timers sound their very best.

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