WAYNE YOUNG (2022 Inductee)

Wayne was born in Ottawa, Ontario. He grew up in a musical family. Both parents were part-time musicians and he was introduced to all styles of music. When he was eight years old, he wanted a set of drums, so his parents compromised and got him sticks and a practice pad to start. Shortly after, he was given a snare drum and cymbal. Later, they bought him a full set of drums. At fifteen he was playing at high-school dances and private parties with friends who had formed a band. In 1971 at the age of 17 he started playing drums for his uncle, the legendary Hall of Famer Hugh Scott at the Chaudière Rose Room. For the next 35 plus years, he played drums for Hugh. During the 1970’s, for 7 years they were the house band at the Aylmer Hotel, and in the 1980’s for 8 years the house band at the British Hotel, working 6 nights a week. During that time, Wayne played local festivals such as Wayne Rostad’s Gatineau Clog with stars like Waylon Jennings and Lucille Starr. Later, still backing Hugh, he worked every major bar in the Ottawa and Hull area. He continued to play at numerous festivals, with local stars like Ted Daigle, Ralph Carlson, Bob & Hugh Desmond and opening for stars like Ronnie Hawkins. Wayne freelances with local bands when a drummer is needed, and is also the house drummer for Heritage Radio.

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