Judi was born and raised in the Ottawa Valley on a farm near Leonard, ON, and her love of country music started early, listening to CFRA Radio, and going to the Friday night dances with her parents, where the Happy Wanderers had a steady gig at the Navan Arena. She got to share the stage with them once at the age of 13, when she won the weekly talent contest.

She’s been in and around and in love with the Ottawa Valley country music scene ever since, and has been performing herself, and in groups, doing classic country, and now gospel shows for over 35 years.

She was asked to perform on the OVCMHOF show in 2008, and the next year when approached to see if she would be interested in being on the Board, she jumped at the chance. She assists with the Marketing/PR work, and sits on the Event Planning Committee.

Judi has lived all over Canada over the years, but always comes "home" to the Ottawa Valley, where she tells us her heart is, and she's here to stay.

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