Kathy was raised by her grand-parents, Harry and Maggie Frost in Fort Coulonge, Quebec. She has been around country music all her life since her mother Deanna was already involved in the country music industry. Her mother Deanna got a hold of a recording that Kathy had done when she was about 12 years old, specifically John Denver’s "Country Roads", and that is when she realized that two of her four children would follow in her foot steps in pursuing country music.

A family band called "Denim and Lace" was formed in early 1980’s that consisted of her mother Deanna on bass, her step-father Gary on drums, her brother Harold on lead guitar and Kathy on rhythm guitar. The only person that did not sing in the band was her step-father. The band played local hotels in the Ottawa area for a few years.

Kathy still enjoys singing to this day and will on occasion pick up the guitar at home. Kathy has strong administrative business skills that stem from her 35 years of working at the National Research Council of Canada.

Kathy is happily married to Mike Hamelin and has been since 1985. She is proud of her step-son Adam as well as her grand-children Sky and Tyler.

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