PAM CLEMENTS (Vice President)

Pam joined the Board of Directors of the Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame in May of 2009, after many years of volunteer work with the organization helping to produce the annual Hall of Fame show. She had just retired from a 36 year long career in the federal government and was looking for some new and interesting challenges. Although Pam is not a musician herself, she has had close ties to the local country music community and has been an avid supporter of country and bluegrass music in the area.

As a teenager, Pam was introduced to country music by her brother, Peter Clements, who is a drummer and also an inductee of the OVCMHOF. Peter played drums for many local country music acts over the years, including Ed and Gretchen, Ralph Carlson and Country Mile, Terry Carisse and Tracks, Neville Wells and Sweetwater and Lisa Cameron. In following her brother's music career, she has cultivated her own love of country music and garnered many wonderful friendships along the way!

Pam is living in the Ashton area. She remains an active "fan" of country music and enjoys attending country and bluegrass music events both locally and in the United States.

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